Hej Andreas,

Jeg håber på, at du har det godt.

Jeg forsætter på engelsk da det er nemmere for mig.

I was at your consultation last winter and you treated me with "chockwave". I must say now that the treatment worked against the calcification I had, my shoulder is feeling much better.

I visited a specialist in DK, before stopping the treatment at your clinic and he told me that he could not see any improvements on my shoulder and therefore a surgery was necessary.

I never accepted his offer, as he did not inspire me any confidence despite he working with a very famous Orthopaedic clinic. But surgeons, I suppose, just want to operate.

Since I was still in a lot of pain, I stopped the treatment at your clinic, as I thought it was not helping at all.

However, I can now confirm you that it made a difference.

I am still in pain, but mostly due to my neck. The treatment did work, and has removed at least 80% of my pain!!! You cannot imagine how satisfied and happy am I with this result.
  For some weeks ago I was in Spain on holiday and went to see a sport physiotherapist. He confirmed that your treatment worked by showing me the results with an echo, the calcification had disappeared and there were only very small bits spread here and there. He told me that those will disappear by natural way.

That is why I am writing to you and say: Thank you!

Your are more than welcome to refer me as a successful case in case you needed it.

There is no doubt that I will highly recommend you.

En meget tilfreds patient.

Ha' det godt :-)