Hi there,

Almost one year has passed since I've become free of pain in my shoulder.

I am 41. I have been diagnosed with Tendinitis Calcerea in my right shoulder. Have been suffering from a severe pain for almost 1 year and a half. Have gone through a number of doctors seeking for the help. Have been treated with a number of cortison shots, numerous exercises and lots of other medicine. Nothing helped. I've got very depressed and started searching for the solution on the Internet myself. Days and nights reading various articles and possible ways to cure it.

Finally, I found Andreas and HILDRUM in Copenhagen. I have decided to try his method of treatment with Shock Wave Theraphy. And it helped ! It sounds like in TV with all those nice commercials. But it is really true. Though the treatment was not painless it was worth all my suffering. 3 months later after the treatment was over I was without pain.
  I can play teenis again! I can live a normal live.

I feel like writing this to express my deep gratitude to ANDREAS at the HILDRUM clinic.

Thank you so much.


Edita Ruzgas